This is why online food giants might disappear !

Abin Isaac
3 min readSep 20, 2021
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“What if your food gets ready while you are sleeping! “

Yes, AI is making possible a robo chef who can make your day better by providing delicious food recipes in just one tap and you have 5000 options !!

Who is that Chef ?
Its name is MOLEY which is designed to replicate different chefs including MasterChef Tim Anderson, winner of UK’s MasterChef TV show in 2011.

Will clean the dishes too !
This robo will not only serve tasty food on your plates but also clean the dishes after the meal!

How does robot learn to cook ?
Moley can watch each action of chef on high precision using different technologies and the video recognition is done using cyber gloves, motion capture cameras with markers.

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Germs Free !
Moley comes with a UV lamp to get rid of germs which perfectly suits in this corona time.

Comes with a kitchen !
Moley comes with a IOT based kitchen which warns you when ingredients are running low or close to their expiry dates. It also has a smart fridge, oven, induction hob and sink

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Add your recipe!
Apart from automatic updating in every month you can add as many new recipes you want!

Both the options — Eat or Cook !
You have both the options, get the food prepared untouched, any time, on just one tap or freely make your food on the integrated Kitchen without robot’s help.

IDEA behind Moley !
Mark Oleynik, who invented MOLEY says his expectation is

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Cost almost 10 bitcoins !
The price is $340,000 but Mark expects it to be reduced with the increase in production volume, efficiencies and economies of scale.

At Chef speed !
Moley has almost the equal speed to the human chef who have taught the recipe lessons.

They have just started but tech giants like Sony and Samsung have started focusing in this area.

Moley’s reach to house holds can surely take time but it will definitely impact food giants !